50x TAE
242 g Tris Base (powder)

57 ml HOAc – glacial acetic acid solution (under hood in cabinet)

N.B: GLACIAL ACETIC ACID is severely corrosive.  Use under hood, avoid any contact with skin, eyes, etc.  If you are not completely sure how to work with glacial acetic acid safely go over this with your mentor before using it.

100 ml 0.5M EDTA (solution)

Water to 1 L

TRIS BASE P/N: Sigma-Aldrich, T1503-500G

GLACIAL ACETIC ACID P/N: Sigma-Aldrich, 695084-2.5L

EDTA P/N: OmniPur, 4050

This makes 50X TAE of pH 8.4. Do not autoclave or filter sterilize