Annotated Gel Example

When you have completed your gel the next thing you should do is annotate it for your future self.

Part 1. Photo Editing:

1.Take your JPG or PNG file of your Gel and open it with a photo editing program (GIMP).

2. Under "Image" --> "Transform" rotate your picture by 90 degrees so that your wells are on top of the page.

3. Using the Crop tool Cut out the black borders leaving only the gel.

4. Under Image --> Mode Select Greyscale this will eliminate any red in your picture.

5. (OPTIONAL) Under "Color" invert the color of your image.

5b. (OPTIONAL) Under Color select "Threshhold" and select "AUTO" this will tell the program to select for the best brightness/contrast settings for you.

6. Export your file to a Vector Graphics program (Inkscape).

Part 2. Annotation:

1.In Inkscape import your gel file and adjust the size of your picture to fit the page out line (increase zoom if needed).

2. Add in the significant ladder measurements. (On Mark's Lab area wall or just ask Mark!)

3. Create color coded rectangles to give a background for the following text.

4. Label what you PCR'd and gelled (kind of like a title).

5. Label what gene you looked for in a well set (usually 8), The MM number and predicted Gene Size.

6. Label which tetrad it was taken from.

7. Label which colonies were G418+.

8. Export your file as a JPG or PNG file and send it to yourself, and anyone who you think will want to see it.